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Behind the scenes

Make your projects reality

I always said, never say never... and no... impossible is nothing...

Who is behind 2R Studios? Ruud Reiher* is a former late 90's Thrash-metal singer and guitarist, who constantly developes himself.

After some years improving his melodic abilities and "90's Thrash-metal-screamings", Ruud started the 21st century as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in a Rap-Metal band, hardly influenced by Rage against the machine & Deftones.

Some time after his band got dissolved, Ruud kept on working on his music in the metal-core & djent scene as a rhythm guitarist in different metal bands... And after that, in the year 2014 started his solo career and started his learning process as producer, mixing and mastering engineer.

"Every project hides a dream and every dream deserves to be heard. Bring your project to the next level. Because quality is affordable".

*Ruud Reiher is a BMI member, a Sound Gym certified member and Audio Engineer student at HOFA-College, Germany.

About: Recent Work
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