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Behind the scenes

Make your projects reality

My name is Alberto Garza, an Audio Engineer based in a quiet rural area in Thurgau, Switzerland.

I work as a producer, mixing and mastering engineer and FOH engineer. I specially work on metal, rap/hip hop, rock and pop music, but I always have an ear open to any kind of genre.

"Every project hides a dream and every dream deserves to be heard. Bring your project to the next level. Because quality is affordable".

I also produce my own projects as Ruud Reiher*. For the last 3 decades I have been doing music as guitar player and singer in metal bands, as well as a rapper in solo projects.

If you have a metal band or you are a single rapper, I can help you thoughout your projects from the beginning to the end and bring you rmusic to the next level.

*Ruud Reiher is a BMI member and a Sound Gym certified member.

Tonstudio, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Front of House, Live Music, Tontechnik
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